Coleman Propane Fuel Bottle - 453g, Disposable

$11.99 each
$11.99 each
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  • A lightweight and portable fuel source
  • Ideal for emergency reserve
  • Non-refillable

The Coleman Disposable Lightweight Bottle (465g) is an ideal source of fuel for a number of essential camping appliances. You won’t get hungry and become lethargic in the outdoors as long as you take this product along with you.

It is designed to be used with the Coleman range of gas appliances, but can also be used with most common brands of portable gas appliances, such as gas stoves, camping lights, tent heaters and hot water systems, plus many more.

It is self- sealing, which is a great safety feature, and when it is empty it is fully disposable.

A great source of fuel for your next camping, hiking or fishing trip.

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